If you’re planning to purchase a new coat or jacket in the future, you should consider choosing a leather blazer. Featuring a leather construction, it’s a versatile form of outerwear that’s perfect for all fashion-conscious men and women.

With that said, there are dozens of different types of leather blazers. While they are all made of leather, there are subtle nuances between the different types. How do you know which leather blazer is right for you? Refer to the following guide to find the perfect leather blazer.


A leather blazer is a type of semi-casual jacket that’s made mostly or entirely of leather. They are similar to leather jackets, except they feature a slightly more formal appearance.

All blazers are semi-casual, and leather blazers are no exception. They are less formal than suit jackets, but they are more formal than sports coats. As a result, leather blazers offer a balance between casual and formal attire. This balance allows them to be worn for nearly any occasion. Whether you’re going out to dinner with friends or headed to a business meeting, you can wear a leather blazer. Of course, you’ll need to choose the right type of leather blazer to take full advantage of this attractive, versatile form of outerwear.


Don’t assume a blazer is made of real leather just because it’s labeled with “leather.” Some blazers are made of an artificial material that’s designed to look like real leather. Known as faux leather or Eco leather, it features a similar texture and overall appearance as real leather. Unfortunately, though, these materials aren’t real leather.

If you’re going to invest in a leather blazer, choose a blazer that’s made of real leather and not faux or Eco leather. While faux and Eco leather blazers are typically cheaper, they fail to offer the same attractive qualities and characteristics as genuine leather blazers. You’ll get a better bang for your buck by purchasing a genuine leather blazer instead.


Most leather blazers can be categorized as either single or double breasted, depending on how the front is designed. Single-breasted leather blazers have a narrower band of overlapping fabric with a single column of buttons on the front, whereas double-breasted leather blazers have a wider band of overlapping fabric with two columns of buttons on the front.

Which style of leather blazer should you choose? Double-breasted coats and jackets have been around for over a century. As a result, double-breasted leather blazers offer a more classic, timeless appearance. With that said, many people prefer the more modern appearance of single-breasted leather blazers. With a narrower band of overlapping fabric on the front, single-breasted leather blazers offer a cleaner and more concise style that’s synonymous with modern fashion trends.


It should go without saying that your leather blazer needs to fit properly. If it’s too big, it will look baggy and awkward when worn. If your leather blazer is too small, on the other hand, it will restrict your body and potentially limit your mobility when worn.

You can avoid these and other size-related problems by ordering your leather blazer from GammaME. All our leather blazers, as well as other leather coats and jackets, come with custom sizing at no additional charge.


Don’t forget to check the lining when shopping for a leather blazer. Many leather blazers are designed with a soft interior lining to offer a superior level of comfort when worn. With interior lining, leather blazers are more comfortable to wear. But there are different types of lining, some of which are more comfortable than others.

You can check the lining of a leather blazer by opening the front and feeling the material with your hands. If the lining is cheap or low quality, you may want to continue your search elsewhere. A high-quality leather blazer should have an equally high-quality lining. Otherwise, you may discover that it’s not comfortable to wear.


All leather blazers have a semi-formal style that falls somewhere in the middle between suit jackets and sport coats. However, the way in which they are designed varies. You can find leather blazers in countless different designs, each of which features a different appearance.

When shopping for a leather blazer, choose a design that matches your personal style and preference. Some people prefer classic bomber-style leather blazers, whereas others prefer more modern and less-traditional styles. The bottom line is that you need to consider the style of a leather blazer.


It’s recommended that you choose a leather blazer in a versatile color. What does this mean exactly? It means the color of your leather blazer should match most other colors, especially those of the clothes and accessories with which you plan to wear it.

Not all colors are versatile. Some colors are more restrictive than others. If you choose a leather blazer in a restrictive color, you may struggle to incorporate it into your daily outfits. By choosing a leather blazer in a versatile color, you’ll have greater freedom when putting together your outfits. Black leather blazers are popular for this very reason. With the exception of brown, black matches most colors. Therefore, you can wear a black leather blazer with a wide variety of clothes and accessories.

In addition to black, brown is a popular color for leather blazers. Like black, it’s a versatile color that’s easily integrated into outfits. You can wear a brown leather blazer with most other clothes and accessories. Of course, black and brown aren’t the colors in which leather blazers are made. You can find leather blazers in dozens of other colors. Regardless, remember to choose a versatile color to get the most utility and value out of your leather blazer.

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